The Point of No Return
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Delivered By
Pastor Ed Dinkins
Delivered On
January 17, 2016
Central Passage
Luke 17:19-31
Third Sunday Service

Brief Commentary - Source:  Life Application Study Bible - Verses: 16:19-31

     "The Pharisees considered wealth a proof of righteousness.  Jesus startled them with this story in which a diseased beggar is rewarded and a rich man is punished.  The rich man did not go to hell because of his wealth but because he was selfish with it.  He refused to feed Lazarus, take him in, or care for his health.  He was hardhearted in spite of his great blessings.  The amount of money we have is not so important as the way we use it.  What is your attitude toward your money and possessions?  Do you hoard them selfishly for yourself, or do you use them to help others?  (It is important to make clear that this is not the same Lazarus that Christ raised from the dead.)

     The rich man thought his five brothers would surely believe a messenger who was raised from the dead.  But Jesus said that if they did not believe Moses and the prophets, who spoke constantly about caring for the poor, not even a resurrection would convince them.  Notice the irony in Jesus' statements; on His way to Jerusalem to die, He was fully aware that even when He had returned from the dead most of the religious leaders would not accept him.  They were set in their ways, and neither Scripture nor God's Son Himself could shake them loose".  



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