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     Mt. Pleasant is truly a church with a big heart!  Our heart allows us to care for each member of our church, members of our surrounding communities and our nation and world as a whole.  We hope, in looking through our website, you get a taste of our heart's desire to become all that GOD wants us to become as a church in HIM.

    For those who may be relocating to our area or if you are in search of a church home, we would love to have you be our guest for Sunday School and worship service.

     Family, neighbors and friends, we extend a heartfelt welcome to you to come join us in becoming a part of our church family.  Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have questions or need any assistance.

     Yours in Christ,

     Pastor Edwin Dinkins and the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church Family













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Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church

5320 Helena Road
P.O. Box 199
Helena, Alabama 35080
Phone (205) 624-3323

Regular Schedule


  • Sunday School
    – 10:30 AM to 11:15 AM
  • Morning Worship
    – 11:30 AM


  • Bible Study
    – 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM


  • Choir Rehearsal
    – 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM
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  • Special Message From the Pastor's Desk

    In the midst of the latest chaos caused by the current pandemic, Pastor Dinkins has a message for us to focus on.  Click "Info Center" to read this message from the Pastor's Desk.  

  • COVID-19 Resources and Tips Now Added to the Info Center!

    In an effort to keep our church family and community informed, under the Info Center section of the website, you will find a special COVID-19 folder that covers a series of topics and links to help answer questions stemming from the pandemic that we are all still trying to adjust to.  We hope you find this comprehensive section of information useful.

  • ATTENTION: Food Pantry Process Has Been Modified

    In light of these very uncertain times during this pandemic, to ensure the safety of everyone and the food supply, clients will NOT be allowed in the church facility.  Pre-packaged items will be brought to a client's car as they sign in for pickup. 

    We thank you in advance for working with us to adhere to these precautions.  

  • Mt. Pleasant Members - Note the New Process for Submitting Tithes

    In the interim, for those members who wish to submit their tithes and offerings, two options you may choose from:

    1) Mail your tithes and offerings to the church's P.O. Box (address found on the left upper side of the home page)

    2) Pay online - "Donate Online" link is found on the left side of website home page

    For those of you would prefer to submit directly during church service, hold on to them in the interim until church services are able to reconvene.



    In light of the recent developments regarding crowd size restrictions due to the Coronavirus, church services have been cancelled.  We will continue to monitor the news and guidance provided by the respective governing authorities and as more information becomes available, we will update our church family and website accordingly. 

    Please continue to stay at home whenever possible, continue to adhere to the recommended hygiene standards at all times and remember to stay prayed up and worded up - our God is still in complete control.

  • New Sermons Are Now Posted!

    Do you want a double portion of what God has to offer? Click on Sermons to hear Pastor Dinkins share with us how we can partake in what God has for us.

  • Keep Calm - God is In Control!

    In spite of the current pandemic that has hit the world, we thank God that God is in full control in these stressful and anxious times.  He has given us His word to help us so that while we are taking the necessary health precautions,  In Him, we can find safety, hope and peace - a peace that passes all understanding because that peace is rooted in Christ Jesus.

    For those who may be self-quarantining or having to stay home because businesses and schools are closed down and/or to maintain social distancing, click here to access a Bible Study guide of key verses that can be used in addressing this pandemic, to use in your personal study time in the Word of God.  

  • Navigating the Coronavirus Pandemic With Prayer and God's Word

    The only thing we know right now is that we are indeed living in uncertain times: Watching the news and listening to the radio, the number of stories regarding the Coronavirus - the number of new cases of infection, businesses closing, job layoffs, stock market dropping, social distancing, the list goes on.

    God is using this time to get our attention - to convict our spirits to pray, to repent, to reconnect, to step up and strengthen our relationship with Him.  Click here for a prayer guide to use in lifting up our families, communities, state, nation and the world at large during these times.  

  • Coronavirus - Information to Keep You Informed

    Google has announced its partnership with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to provide a website that consolidates key information on the Coronavirus.  Click here to access a number of key informational links to keep you informed.  

  • Food Ministry Gladly Serves Families Seeking Food Assistance!

    Mt. Pleasant's Food Ministry is blessed and honored to serve families in Helena and the surrounding Shelby Country communities seeking food assistance.  If you or someone you know is in need of food, please visit the Food Ministry tab - located under the "Ministries" section on this website -  where you may submit an online request form.  For emergencies, a designated phone line is in place to help those who have urgent food needs.  Visit the Food Ministry tab, located under "Ministries"  for more information.  

  • Food Donations - Current List of Items Needed

    For those who are interested in donating to the Food Pantry, listed below are some of the commonly requested/distributed food items.  

    ·        Can Meats (Tuna, Spam, Chicken, Vienna Sausages, Sardines, etc.)

    ·        Chili w/wo Beans

    ·        Crackers (Ritz, Cheese-it, Saltines, etc.)

    ·        Can Pasta (Ravioli, Spaghetti-O’s, Beefaroni, etc.)

    ·        Can Beans (Baked, Grilling, Black, Kidney, etc.)

    ·        Jelly/Jam; Peanut Butter

    ·        Can Vegetables (Corn, Green Beans, Sweet Peas, Carrots, etc.)

    ·        Can Fruit (Peaches, Pears, Mixed, etc.)

    ·        Breakfast Cereals

    ·        Spaghetti

    ·        Pasta Sauce

    ·        Soups

    ·        Knorr’s Pasta/Rice Sides

    ·        Quaker Instant Oatmeal (Low Sugar)

    ·        Pop Tarts

    ·        Dry Beans (Pinto, Kidney, Black-eyed, Lima, Butter, etc.)

    ·        Juice (Grape, Apple, Cranberry, etc.)

    ·        Mashed Potatoes

    ·        Hamburger Helper

  • Calling All Prayer Warriors!!

    As a church family, let us remain diligent in frequent prayer, lifting up our brothers and sisters who are facing bereavement, serious illness, job loss, financial struggles, caretaking challenges, etc.  We are calling upon our church family to be in prayer for each other, for healing, for strength, for breakthrough, for increased faith, for endurance during trials, for a renewed spirit of love in our daily dealings.  By being on one accord, we can rely on God's goodness, His faithfulness, His guidance, His timing to bring us through victoriously, any thing that we face.  We thank GOD for answering our prayers right now, In Jesus' Name.  

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