Celebrating MLK Day - Full Sermon: "I Have Been to the Mountaintop"

In recognition of MLK day, sharing links to some of Dr. King's speeches. They are still as powerful and relevant today as ever. Click on this link to hear this powerful speech in its entirety. His Famous "I Have A Dream" Speech may be found here:

Congressman John R. Lewis - Selma, Alabama Tribute

A Life that Has Come Full Circle:  Watch the tribute to Congressman Lewis in Selma, AL on the Historic Edmund Pettis Bridge.

A 7 Step Guide to Prayer and Fasting

Campus Crusade for Christ International offers a wonderful commentary and optional step by step guideline for how to partake in a prayer and fasting activity. Really great insight for those of us looking to include more prayer and fasting in our walk with Christ.

The Daniel Fast - "Do's and Don'ts"

For those church members participating in the Daniel Fast at the start of the year, please refer to this link for what you CAN and CANNOT eat during the fast, some meal idea options as well as tips for a successful fasting experience. We thank GOD for this opportunity to allow us to grow closer to Him as a church body and to allow GOD to reveal to us His will and direction for our church family in the new year.

NFL Star's Testimony of God's Healing of HIs Daughter

NFL players are held high as perfect celebrities but at the end of the day, they are normal people with normal problems.  New Orlean Saints star player Demario Davis shared a testimony regarding God's healing of his daughter.  Powerful words!

Coach Deion Sanders' Testimony of Surrendering to Christ

Deion Sanders is the most popular topic in Sports today but many don't realize that at one point, he was suicidal and credits his acceptance and belief in Christ for his transformation.  Listen to his powerful testimony on surrender.

A New Year's Fireworks Miracle

As we enter into the New Year, take a look at this video of an amazing fireworks display that has touched the lives of Christians worldwide!

One of Aretha Franklin's Final Gospel Performances

Enjoy this special Time Magazine's feature performance from Aretha Franklin, singing "Rock of Ages". Classic, timeless and spirit-filled gospel that only Aretha Franklin can deliver.

God's Word Does Not Lie - You Reap What You Sow!

Touching video of a family honoring their nurse's Aide who cared for their mother during her illness and subsequent death. In lieu of flowers, the family asked others to donate to the aide's educational fund. Amazing story and outcome - over $30,000 raised so far. When you keep the faith and do things God's way, He repays in ways that go beyond our imagination! To God be the Glory!

Singing from the heart!!

Who said you have to sing perfect to sing from the heart?? This young man sang from his heart.... that is until his pastor helped him to close his song out. Enjoy this classic clip!

When Christ Comes Back, Are You Going Back with Him?

This is an instagram link that provides a realistic reminder that Jesus IS coming back again. In these end times, Christ is closer to His return than ever before. Let this link motivate us even more to do all that we can, while we can, to have our lives and faith in order so that when that trumpet sounds, we will be happily caught up with Christ to worship and praise Him eternally.

A Word for You: Trust God!!

This video is a powerful reminder why you can only trust God in every situation. God and God alone is the answer to every issue we face in our lives. Let this video bless you and help you during this time in your life.

Roadway-Safety Winter Driving Tips by AAA

We are currently facing some severe winter weather and this link is a great way to provide us tips and strategies for driving safely and effectively in this weather. This link also provides tips and strategies for other driving scenarios including drowsy driving, night driving as well as how to keep your car properly maintained to ensure a safe and pleasant driving experience.

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Many within the church celebrate Halloween with their kids as "just another fun holiday". However, as Christians, we are to be extremely careful during this time of "jack-o-laterns, skulls, witches, ghosts and goblins". This link is a detailed analysis of Halloween from a Christian perspective and how parents can handle the occasion as it relates to their children.

What An Amazing Praise Leader - at 5 Years Old!

If you haven't seen little Caleb Serrano singing and leading congregations in song, check out this ABC news feature on he and his family. He has become an internet sensation by his strong and confident singing of "This Little Light of Mine" and "Lilly in the Valley", among others. Enjoy and be blessed by this little boy's gift.

Testimony from Denise Matthews (Formerly known as Vanity)

For those who were big into 1980's music, Vanity was a well known pop singer known for her sexy lyrics as well as looks. She would eventually accept Christ as her Lord and Savior, leaving the entertainment world behind - dropping the name "Vanity" for her birth name: Denise Matthews. Her life would eventually turn around in the most powerful of ways and she was very vocal and passionate about her relationship with Jesus Christ and the need to get the word out to others. She has a number of power testimonials on the web about her journey from the streets and music scene to her transformation in Christ. In this link, she speaks about her desire for Christ, her overcoming a number of life threatening surgeries and her ultimate desire to be in heaven with Christ. Ms. Matthews passed away recently at the age of 57 but her testimonies will live on. Click and be inspired!

No Matter The Scoreboard, Give God the Glory!

This video clip has over 10 Million Views on Youtube.........What was supposed to be a standard after-game interview became an inspirational moment shared from an exciting high school football player, Apollo Hester, on his team's win! No matter the score, continue to give God the glory!

Faithfulness and Continual Prayer Do Pay Off!!

Be encouraged! God does answer prayer! Look no further than the story of James Robertson as a testimony that prayer does work. 56 years old, Mr. Robertson commuted to his job everyday by walking 21 miles round-trip to his factory job. The bus system cut out the bus route he relied on but he remained committed to his job. Whats astonishing is that despite his amazing walking commute, Robertson has perfect attendance on his job. He attributes his work ethic to his parents and prayer. When he was recently gifted with a brand new, fully loaded Ford Taurus and $350K in cash via a GoFundMe campaign started on his behalf, he credits answered prayer. What a powerful reminder that God answers our prayers on His timetable. All He asks is that we remain faithful and trusting and He will do the rest. (UPDATE: A documentary regarding Robertson's trek to and from work is the subject of a local movie that discusses the challenges many people have in finding city transportation to get around).

Couple Married for 82 Years Credit God for a Long Life and a Long Marriage!

Enjoy this wonderful story from New York: "A New York couple married for 82 years will celebrate a major milestone Saturday when the husband, Duranord Veillard, turns 108. The momentous occasion means the couple will be a combined 212 years old. Veillard’s wife, Jeanne, is 104. “He will tell you the secret to living a long life is all God,” a family friend told ABC News of Veillard. “He says that God has preserved him so well and he wishes that everyone can live a long life as he did.” (Source: lohud- the Journal News - a Gannett company)

Car crash rescuer: "My Lord did that [gave His life] for me, and in this instance, He gave me the grace — and I give Him all the glory — to imitate in that. He gave me the strength and the grace".

Powerful article that recaps a horrific car crash in Hoover, AL a few weeks ago and how one of several Good Samaritans driving by, stopped and risked his life to help save a young man's life , relying on his faith in Christ to show selflessness and courage during the harrowing ordeal. Keep Cooper and his family in prayer as he recovers from 90% burns all over his body. Family and friends are continuing to keep him in prayer.

A Biblical Perspective to Consider Regarding the Coronavirus

Dr. Tony Evans, considered by many to be one of the most respected bible scholars and pastors, offered a thought-provoking view of this pandemic.  Take a listen - it might just change your perspective.

Man Walks Into Church With Rifle to Do Wrong - But Instead Gets Saved!

The awesome power of the Holy Spirit was at work within a church in North Carolina! During a New Year's Eve service, a man entered into the church with a rifle and handful of bullet rounds. The love and poise of the pastor became evident as the man asked for prayer - the Pastor prayed and then witnessed to this man who gave his life to Christ. This is a powerful testimony! Check out this CNN video and article for more on this story!

At the Judgment, Do You Know What the Courtroom Trial Will Be Like?

Check out this powerful simulation on how one Christian artist presented the Courtroom on Judgment Day? Will Jesus Christ be your defense attorney ensuring your salvation in eternal glory or will Satan be successful in prosecuting you to an eternal hell?

Why Food Ministries Matter Today

How many of our neighbors are hungry? We may never know but what we do know is that in every community, there are people and families who lack food. In May of this year, a news story ran about a man who had no food and called 911 for help. Click here to see this story and to be reminded of not only how blessed we are but that this gentleman is a representative of those in the community - especially the elderly - who are hungry and need the services of the food ministry. If you or someone you know is in need, click on the Food Ministry tab under the "Ministries" section the website and submit your information for assistance.

Faith Over Football - How an NFL Player Chose Christian Responsibility Over Football

This is a brief article and video clip about a star player in the NFL, Jason Brown, who chose to walk away from a 5 year $37 Million contract to become a farmer. He learned to farm watching YouTube, allowing his faith in GOD to be his motivation. He purchased 1000 acres and has committed the first fruits of every harvest to be donated to the local food pantry. (His farming business is called "First Fruits Farms"). He makes it clear that life is not about money and fame. It is about love - it is about living a life of service - honoring God through our service to others. This is what Christian responsibility is all about.

Letting Our Lives Serve As a Witness for Jesus Christ

This is an extraordinary article about a 17 year old young man who was faithful and committed in his faith to serve the Lord. God chose to take him recently in a fatal car accident; however, the faith and strength that his parents showed, coupled with the outpouring of respect and appreciation shown by mourners who attended this young man's funeral, show just how much his life and his family's Christian walk has been a strong testimony to so many people. Are we living a life that serves as a testimony of faithfulness, forgiveness - a life based in love? Can we say that we are living a life that serves as a witness to others that having Christ as our Lord and Savior is the best thing that has ever happened to us? Let us find inspiration and motivation in the life of Brady Hoffman and strength and admiration for his parents who have used this situation to continue to bring glory and honor the the Lord. May God bless the Hoffman family.

A Little Church Humor

Christian churches comes in all sizes and in all races but we all have one thing in common - that is praising and lifting up the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is a beautiful thing to experience diversity within the various Christian churches and its fun to enjoy a little humor on our differences from time to time. Enjoy this snippet from a comedian who details his first visit to a predominately African American church....

Just How Merciful is God?

What a great website link that reminds of how just how merciful and loving GOD is toward us. Where we deserve death for our sins, because we are saved and covered by the blood of Jesus, GOD applies mercy instead, giving us the gift of eternal life. Read and reflect on just how merciful He has been in your life. This site has a number of articles for your reference and study.

Have You Ever Wondered About the Purpose and Role of Angels?

This link is meant for site visitors who may be interested in learning more about one of GOD's holy and most intriguing of creations!

Six Straight Forward Reasons to Know that GOD is REAL

Do you have family or friends who struggle with believing that GOD is indeed real? Or perhaps you may be hearing naysayers and wondering about His Existence? explores this common doubt and presents an amazing summary of reasons that should put any such doubts to bed. What an awesome and amazing GOD we serve!

Christian Stories on a Global Scale

Campus Crusade for Christ International is an organization whose website offers a great deal of information and related articles on Christians not only based here in the US but also across the world. Wonderful site for learning what others are doing to grow and strengthen their walk in Christ.

Inspiration has compiled a wonderful area to access poems and short stories that serve to inspire and provide hope to those of us who need or desire to share with others some encouragement.