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Delivered By
Pastor Ed Dinkins
Delivered On
March 3, 2013
Central Passage
Nehemiah 6: 1-16
First Sunday Service

The following commentary is taken from the The Life Application Study Bible - Verse Summaries for Nehemiah 6:1-16:

     "Nehemiah was subjected to hurtful and personal attacks on his character.  These attacks were based on rumors (6:6), deceit (6:10-13) and false reports (6:17).  Personal attacks hurt and when the criticism is unjustified, it is easy to despair.  When you are doing God's work, you may receive attacks on your character.  Follow Nehemiah's example by trusting God to accomplish the task and by overlooking unjustified abuse.

     Even the priest was after Nehemiah, pretending to deliver a message from GOD, warning Nehemiah of danger and telling him to hide in the Temple.  Nehemiah chose to seek God for wisdom and tested the priest's message, exposing it as another trick of the enemy.  People may misuse God's name by saying they know God's will when they have other motives.  Examine self-proclaimed "messengers of God' to see if they stand up to the test of being consistent with what is revealed in God's word.  

     When Nehemiah was personally attacked, he refused to give in to fear and flee to the Temple.  According to God's law, it would have been wrong for Nehemiah to go into the Temple to hide because he wasn't a priest (Numbers 18:22).  If he had run for his life, he would have undermined the courage he was trying to instill in the people.  Leaders are targets for attacks.  Make it a practice to pray for those in authority (I Timothy 2:1-2).  Pray that they will stand against personal attacks and temptation.  They need God-given courage to overcome fear.

     So many doubters and critics said that the building of the wall couldn't be done.  Some may be saying that the church renovation efforts we are doing are too grand, the job is too big, and the problems and challenges too great.  But God's men and women,  when joined together for special tasks, can solve huge problems and accomplish great goals.  Don't let the size of a task or the length of time needed to accomplish the task keep us from pursuing the task at hand.  With God's help, it can and WILL be done."


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