Real Fathers Really Do Care
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Delivered By
Pastor Edwin Dinkins
Delivered On
June 15, 2014
Central Passage
John 4:46-54
Father's Day Service

Commentary (Excerpt) Source:


John 4:46-54

By Dr. Richard J. Krejcir
"Jesus Heals!

After having stayed in Samaria for two days, Jesus ventured back to His hometown of Galilee. During this journey, Jesus arrived at Cana, where He performed His first public miracle-turning the water into wine. There, He encountered a government official whose son was very sick, who begged Jesus to help and to heal Him. It was the passionate plea of a desperate father seeking any help he could get; and the One of True Help was right there in his midst! Jesus started to follow him to where the sick child was, in Capernaum. Yet, Jesus was perplexed and even upset that people just wanted a show of signs and wonders without the real Wonder that went with it. They wanted the show without the substance. Since this is where Jesus grew up, where He and His father had their carpentry business, and where people knew Him as the carpenter, they were not willing to see Him as more than a carpenter. They did not show belief or the essential, forerunning aspect that goes before faith. Jesus saw the faith in this official but not in his own people. Then, He told him to go ahead home, where his son had been healed, as Jesus said, your son will live, and the official saw this become fact. In so doing, his faith was not just mere belief; it was faith and reason that spread to his entire family."

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