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Delivered By
Associate Minister: Rev. Timothy Jones
Delivered On
March 15, 2015
Central Passage
Luke 8:43-48
Third Sunday Service

Commentary Excerpt - Data Source:


"Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures: People do crazy things in times of desperation. People have run through flames in burning buildings, run through bullets blazing in war zones, and rescued children from wild animals when in desperate situations. This woman was no different, she had heard of Jesus and witnessed what He could do, she knew who He was and that He was her only hope. This drove her to do the most bold, shameful, and frankly unthinkable, thing which was to push through a crowd of thousands of people to reach Jesus. She knew full well the implications of performing such an act and what the consequences could be; to make hundreds of people unclean and force them to have to isolate themselves for a whole day. Yet she could not let this opportunity go by. This may be her only chance and she had to take it, law or no law. She knew that all she had to do was touch the bottom of His garment and that would be enough, and it was.

Jesus Exposes Her: So many times we hear in churches nowadays, “Just slip up your hand with everyone’s eyes tightly shut and no one will peek”, basically, “Let us know in secret that you want to touch Jesus”. We see in this passage that  Jesus doesn’t want anything like this to remain a secret. He says, “Who touched me?” He is now officially making a big deal about this!

If Jesus can read minds, know thoughts, know His own future death, Peter’s future form of death, he told Peter that he would deny him, and he did, and he told the Pharisees what they were thinking when they were thinking it, does it not make sense that He also knew who touched Him? Yes! Jesus did know who touched Him but He wanted her to step up and tell the story so that the Gospel could be revealed to the whole crowd in greater measure.

A Different Kind of Peace: After Jesus declared to her that she was healed He said, “Go in peace.” What did he mean? Was He saying, “Now that you’re healed you should have a better life. Go relax and take 10 deep breaths and breath out slow”? That’s not the kind of peace Jesus was referring to. You’ll remember in Luke 2 when the angels say, “Peace on earth good will to men” at the announcement of Jesus birth. The kind of peace Jesus is referring to is peace between man and God, your sins have been forgiven kind of peace, you are no longer a child of wrath kind of peace, you were once an enemy of God and now you are a Daughter of God kind of peace. He called her daughter indicating that her sins were forgiven and that she was now part of the family of God, not by natural heir but by spirit through faith.

Clearly Not Just a Physical Healing: When we start pulling all these pieces together we can clearly see that this wasn’t just some random healing that took place for the benefit of this woman’s quality of life. This was something much bigger than that, this was a demonstration of His abilities to purify, sanctify and make someone right with God in the blink of an eye without any further efforts or work on the part of the person. He completed the work in an instant, from the healing, to the forgiveness of sin, to purification, to the sanctification. All of these steps would have had to be accomplished through human effort prior to Christ. He is the completed works of the law, they are totally completed through Him and Him alone".

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