Not Fear - But Power, Love and a Sound Mind
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Delivered By
Pastor Ed Dinkins
Delivered On
February 10, 2013
Central Passage
2 Timothy 1:7-14
Second Sunday Service

The following commentary is taken from the The Life Application Study Bible - Verse Summaries for 2 Timothy 1:7-14):

     "Timothy was experiencing great opposition to his message and to himself as a leader.  His youth, his association with Paul, and his leadership had come under fire from believers and nonbelievers alike.  Paul urged him to be bold.  When we allow people to intimidate us, we neutralize our effectiveness for GOD.  The power of the Holy Spirit can help us overcome our fear of what some might say or do to us so we can continue to do GOD's work.

     Paul mentions three characteristics of the effective Christian leader:  power, love, and a sound mind (wisdom).  These are available to us because the Holy Spirit lives in us.  Paul promised Timothy that in the face of persecution and suffering, GOD would give Him strength and the readiness to handle it.   Fortunately, we, like Paul and Timothy, can call on the Holy Spirit to give us courage in the face of our suffering.

     Paul was in prison but that did not stop his ministry.  He carried it on through others like Timothy.  Paul had lost all his material possessions, but he would never lose his faith.  He trusted GOD to use him regardless of his circumstances.  If your situation looks bleak, give your concerns to Christ.  He will guard your faith and safely guard all you have entrusted in Him until the day of His return.

     Praise GOD that we can take comfort in knowing that GOD loves us, He chose us and sent Christ to die for us.  We can have eternal life through faith in Him, because He broke the power of death with His resurrection.  We do not deserve to be saved, but GOD offers us salvation anyway.  All we have to do is believe and accept His offer."

     Praise GOD that through Him, we have power, love and a sound mind!

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