Mistakes Don't Make You a Failure for Life
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Delivered By
Pastor Ed Dinkins
Delivered On
January 19, 2013
Third Sunday Service

     Throughout our lives, we will make our share of mistakes.   As Christians, we are required to go to GOD in prayer, acknowledging our mistakes/our sins, asking for repentance, seeking GOD's forgiveness and from here, let the mistake go, moving forward with the sincere intention to not repeat the same mistake.  However there are a number of us who have not let the mistakes of the past go - we have allowed our mistakes to evolve into guilt and shame and as a result, we fail to receive GOD's gift of forgiveness and we settle for a life shrouded in depression, loneliness and complacency.

     Pastor Dinkins reminds in a powerful sermon how mistakes are not the final chapter in our lives.  The Bible has a track record of faithful and powerful believers who made mistakes along the way and still were able to be used mightly in GOD's overall plan.  Even the disciples, who walked with Jesus during His time on earth, made mistakes. Pastor highlights Peter who denied Christ three times when Christ was captured.  The Bible says Peter wept bitterly; however, Christ never stopped loving him.  Christ not only forgave Peter but still used Peter in a powerful way to help spread the Gospel throughout the regions.   What a wonderful reminder that mistakes are not the final chapter for us.  Through Christ's amazing love for us, He paid the price for our mistakes by dying on the cross for us and rising from the dead for us.  He ensured that through salvation, our final chapter is still one of restoration, victory, of eternal life with Him.

     Let us take comfort in knowing that mistakes will occur but we have our outlet through salvation in Christ via repentance, forgiveness and restoration.  We may not know exactly GOD's plan for us but we can be confident that since GOD made us in accordance to His good pleasure, He has a grand plan for us.

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