Lets Be One in Christ
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Delivered By
Pastor Ed Dinkins
Delivered On
November 15, 2015
Central Passage
Third Sunday Service

Brief Commentary on 1 Corinthians 1:10-17

  •      "A divisive spirit and factions within the church were not just common to Paul's day, because they have continued right down to our own time. We, too, need to be on our guard against being so devoted to specific people that we cause conflict within our local church. Even when we do not see eye-to-eye with fellow believers, we must give each other credit for honesty and sincerity, and we should be willing to continue to love other believers despite differences of opinion.
  • Believers must focus on the important truths of the faith, rather than causing conflicts over non-essentials. Unity on doctrinal matters coupled with a humble willingness to love others will minimize divisions within the church. But we must be able to clearly evaluate whether our disagreements are about peripheral issues or whether they concern the fundamental truths of the faith. Since we are completely dedicated to Christ and to the truths of the Bible, we must unflinchingly take our stand on the Truth and lovingly defend it against those who seek to undermine it.
  • When we hear ourselves saying, "I am a follower of so-and-so on this particular issue," we should immediately check our motives and our attitudes. Even claiming to belong to Christ Himself can be done with a wrong attitude. We should take every opportunity to examine ourselves.
  • We must be on our guard to avoid cluttering up the simple gospel message with intellectual-sounding words or theatrical presentations. It seems that a Christian is never immune from the temptation to please the world. "Academic respectability" has been the downfall of many Christian institutions. While there is nothing wrong with sound reasoning concerning the Scriptures, we must be on our guard not to let intellectualism or philosophy take the place of clear thinking about biblical truth".  
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