He Really Cares For You
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Delivered By
Pastor Ed Dinkins
Delivered On
November 22, 2015
Central Passage
2 Kings 4:1-7; 6:1-7
Fourth Sunday Service

Brief Commentary on 2 Kings 4:1-7

     "Elisha's miracles were acts of real charity: Christ's were so; not only great wonders, but great favours to those for whom they were wrought. God magnifies his goodness with his power. Elisha readily received a poor widow's complaint. Those that leave their families under a load of debt, know not what trouble they cause. It is the duty of all who profess to follow the Lord, while they trust to God for daily bread, not to tempt him by carelessness or extravagance, nor to contract (unwise) debts; for nothing tends more to bring reproach upon the gospel, or distresses their families more when they are gone. Elisha put the widow in a way to pay her debt, and to maintain herself and her family. This was done by miracle, but so as to show what is the best method to assist those who are in distress, which is, to help them to improve by their own industry what little they have. The oil, sent by miracle, continued flowing as long as she had empty vessels to receive it. We are never straitened in God, or in the riches of his grace; all our straitness is in ourselves. It is our faith that fails, not his promise. He gives more than we ask: were there more vessels, there is enough in God to fill them; enough for all, enough for each; and the Redeemer's all-sufficiency will only be stayed from the supplying the wants of sinners and saving their souls, when no more apply to him for salvation. The widow must pay her debt with the money she received for her oil. Though her creditors were too hard with her, yet they must be paid, even before she made any provision for her children. It is one of the main laws of the Christian religion, that we pay every just debt, and give every one his own, though we leave ever so little for ourselves; and this, not of constraint, but for conscience' sake. Those who bear an honest mind, cannot with pleasure eat their daily bread, unless it be their own bread. She and her children must live upon the rest; that is, upon the money received for the oil, with which they must put themselves into a way to get an honest livelihood. We cannot now expect miracles (in terms of entitlement), yet we may expect mercies (because God is merciful), if we wait on God, and trust in Him fully and seek him diligently. "  (Matthew Henry)

Brief Commentary on 2 Kings 6:1-7:  (The Concern and Character of Elisha)

     "Not only did Elisha give his permission for the project, but he was also willing to accompany them in order to lend his support and encouragement. It was an opportunity for on-the-job training and an opportunity to study these men in their work. It would aid his own ability to minister more effectively to his students. Pastors and teachers alike need opportunities to get to know their flock and to let their flock know them.

     Not only did Elisha show interest and concern for the project as a whole, but he demonstrated his involvement even in the smallest of matters as in the loss of the axe head. Of course this incident was no small matter to the man who lost it, but in the final analysis it was a small thing. Rather than write it off as trivial, he reached out to this simple need. When Elisha stepped forward, inquired concerning the place where the axe head went into the water, and made the iron swim with the stick he cut, he was giving this entire school of prophets a wonderful illustration of the sovereign care and providence of God.

     God is interested and cares about even the small and trivial incidents in our lives. He tells us to pray about everything and to cast all our cares on Him. Why? Because Peter reminds us in 1 Peter 5:7, “He cares for us.” This statement is given as part of the reason and motivation for submitting ourselves under God’s providential hand by casting all our cares, every single one on the Lord."  (J. Hampton Keathley III)

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