Be Happy Because God Is Still In Control
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Delivered By
Pastor Edwin Dinkins
Delivered On
June 22, 2014
Central Passage
Matthew 24:4-14
Fourth Sunday Service

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Jesus' (Key) point 

"Let us summarize the entire discussion (in Matthew 24). The disciples are concerned by Jesus' teaching that the temple buildings will be destroyed. They ask when this will happen, and when "the end" and his "coming" will occur. As stated earlier, they probably thought that Jesus would then and there take the mantle of messiahship and inaugurate the kingdom of God in all its power.

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Jesus warns them against such thinking. There will be a delay before "the end." Jerusalem and the temple will be destroyed, but the life of the church will continue. Future times will be characterized by violent persecution of his followers and terrible tribulation in Judea. The disciples are shocked. They think Messiah's disciples will be immediately and eminently victorious, the Promised Land easily conquered and the worship of God restored. What is this talk about the destruction of the temple and the persecution of his followers?

But there is more shocking teaching. The only "sign" that the disciples will have of Jesus coming will be his actual coming. This "sign" will have no predictive value because it comes too late. Jesus' point leads to his discussion that no one can prophesy when "the end" will occur or when he will come. In fact, not even Jesus knew the time. Only the Father did.

Jesus has taken the disciples' wrong-headed concern and turned it into a spiritual lesson. In the words of D.A. Carson: "The disciples' questions are answered, and the reader is exhorted to look forward to the Lord's return and meanwhile to live responsibly, faithfully, compassionately, and courageously while the Master is away (24:45-25:46)" (ibid, page 495).

"Amen, Come, Lord Jesus" (Revelation 22:20)."

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