Are You Just Going Through the Motions?
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Delivered By
Pastor Ed Dinkins
Delivered On
January 27, 2013
Central Passage
Zechariah 7
Fourth Sunday Service

(The following commentary is taken from "The Life Application Study Bible - Verse summaries: Zec 7:1, 5-7, 8-10, 12):

     "The fourth year of King Darius's reign was 518 B.C. For the previous 70 years, the people had been holding a fast in August to remember the destruction of Jerusalem.  Now that Jerusalem was being rebuilt, they came to the Temple to ask if they had to continue this annual fast. GOD did not answer their question directly.  Instead, He told them that their behavior was more important than their religious actions.  What He wanted from His people was honesty in business and compassion for the weak.

     "The Israelites has lost their sincere desire for GOD.  (The prophet) Zechariah told them that they had been fasting without a proper attitude of repentance or worship.  They fasted and mourned during their exile with no thought of GOD or their sins that had caused the exile in the first place.  When you go to church, pray or fellowship with other believers, are you doing these from habit or for what you get out of it?  GOD says that an attitude of worship without a sincere desire for Him will lead to ruin.

     GOD is just and He wants His people to reflect His justice in their lives.  GOD outlined His expectations for His people to Zechariah: 1) be honest and fair; 2) do not take bribes; 3) be merciful and kind".  This sounds like an easy prescription for justice, but are you fair and just in your dealings - the small (transactions) as well as the large deals?

     Zechariah explained to the people that their ancestors brought GOD's great wrath on themselves by hardening their hearts.  Any sin seems more natural the second time - as we become hardened, each repetition is easier.  Ignoring or refusing GOD's warning hardens you each time you do wrong.  Read GOD's work and apply it to your life.  Sensitivity and submission to GOD's work can soften your heart and allow you to live as you should".


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