Anointed and Appointed to Deal With the Enemy
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Delivered By
Pastor Edwin Dinkins
Delivered On
October 5, 2014
Central Passage
2 Kings 9:1-13
First Sunday Service

Brief Commentary (Source:

     "Now here's the fulfillment to a prophecy that was a long time unfolding, but it happened just as Elijah had said it would. Actually, Jehu was destined to be King of Israel all the way back during Elijah's tenure when God showed it to him in I Kings 19:16 (see notes). Then in I Kings 21:21-23 (see notes) Elijah had prophesied the end of Ahab's dynasty on the throne of Israel, just like that of Jeroboam and Baasha. However, Elisha was the prophet that made it happen...well, sort of. He really sent one of the young prophet trainees to do the job of anointing Jehu King of Israel. It's interesting how the young prophet was treated like a crackpot by Jehu's entourage until they found out that he had anointed Jehu King of Israel. Then they were all for validating his prophecy. For the time being, Jehoram is still the King of Israel...but not for long.

     When this young prophet anoints Jehu, he is very specific about why and exactly what Jehu is to do in verse 7, "thou shalt smite the house of Ahab thy master." Well, Jehoram, unfortunately, that means you; Ahab was your grandfather, and the end of his lineage was prophesied in I Kings 21:21-23 (see notes)Isn't it interesting how God uses a wicked man (Jehu) to facilitate judgment against another wicked man (Jehoram).

Notice all the components of this prophet's decree:

  • Verse 6 - Jehu is anointed King of Israel.
  • Verses 7-8 - Kill all of Ahab's male descendants (stated in a very colorful way in verse 8)
    The KJV translation to identify males in that verse is an accurate rendering of the very descriptive Hebrew phrase used.
  • Verse 7 - This is to avenge the blood of prophets and servants of God at the hand of Jezebel.
  • Verse 9 - Ahab's dynasty will end just as did Jeroboam's and Baasha's
  • Verse 10 - The dogs will eat Jezebel in Jezreel.

They waste no time proclaiming that Jehu is king after this decree from God's prophet". God's will, will be done, with His anointed servants, hand picked by Him, at His designated timeframe!

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