A Mother and Her Miracles
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Delivered By
Pastor Ed Dinkins
Delivered On
May 11, 2014
Central Passage
1 Kings 17:8-24
ENCORE: Mother's Day Sermon: A Mother and Her Miracles

************ENCORE***************Mother's Day Sermon*********************ENJOY!!!


The title "Mother" is a blessed and special title.  Being a mother is grounded in miracles - starting with the miracle of conception to the miracle of childbirth to the miracle of breastfeeding.  GOD blessed the motherhood process with a number of miracles.  

Being a mother carries with it much honor and much responsibility.  Mothers, in the eyes of their children, are super-human, able to take nothing and make it into something; able to heal cuts and bruises with magical kisses; preparing meals with love that are considered the best food in the world in the eyes of their children; knowing what to say and how to say it at just the right time.   Being a mother is truly an amazing blessing.

Pastor Dinkins highlights this point in his sermon focusing on how a mother in the text showed tremendous selflessness, patience, wisdom and obedience.  She could have become selfish, impatient, hopeless and told Elijah that she didn't have time for him, that it was all about her and her son.  But she yielded to the spirit of GOD, did as Elijah said and trusted his plan for she and her son.  Her obedience resulted in a magnificent miracle that blessed she and her son in phenomenal ways.

Mothers, keep praying and  stay focused in obeying and teaching your kids about GOD and His love and provisions for our lives.  You, as a mother, have been given a tremendous responsibility and it is only with and through GOD, that you are able to enjoy miracle and miracle being performed because of your obedience to GOD.  



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